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Hap Townes in Nashville - my 1st Meat and Three experience

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This entry was posted on 10/7/2006 12:04 PM and is filed under Closed Meat and Three's.

Even though quite a few years have passed, I remember well my first Meat and Three meal in Nashville. The fall of 1980 brought me to town to start college. Trevecca Nazarene College (now University) has always had a couple of music groups to represent the school in a Public Relations capacity, and I was fortunate enough to be in one of them during my freshman year. Truth be told, I think I was the only one who tried out for the bass guitar position, but we won't really talk about that.  I was mighty blessed to play a part, nonetheless. We traveled throughout the Southeast on weekends and school breaks, playing at churches and camps, and for various other events and occasions.

We were brought in about a week before most students would be arriving to get a head start - to practice, get to know each other, learn the music, etc. Our director, Fred Mund, took us over to Hap Townes for lunch, and I thought maybe Mom had sneaked in and was doing the cooking for them. The food was absolutely terrific.

It was really like nothing I had ever experienced before. Set close to the Nashville Sounds stadium, I think it was on or close to Humphreys Street. It was a small place, very crowded and kind of noisy and almost overwhelming, at first. But, after going through the line, smelling the food and seeing it on my plate, the first bite sent me over the edge. I was hooked. Probably did not know it yet, but I was hooked. The blend of a new and interesting environment, new friends on the verge of a new chapter of life, food that reminded me of a home and family that was eight or nine hours away ... that was a launching point for hundreds of other similar times to be enjoyed and remembered with family and friends.

Isn't it funny? You can almost literally smell a memory like that, can't you. The mental aroma is so pleasant, and your mind goes back and you want to relive that memory again.

While Hap Townes is no longer a part of Nashville's dining scene these days, it is a part of the history and it does provide a great memory for so many people that have lived here and have traveled to Middle Tennessee. I hope that many folks will record their memories of Hap Townes, as I am sure there were many business and record deals done and signed in its midst, friendships sealed and new ones made around its tables, and other occasions that served to create fond memories such as the one I have.

Maybe not all memories of a first experience at a Meat and Three are as pleasant as mine, but they have most likely not been forgotten. There's just something about a Meat and Three. It's a special part of our history. So, join in and tell us your story. We would love to hear from you.

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    • 11/27/2010 2:01 PM Bob wrote:
      Great Article, about a great restaurant. I was in hope that they were still there. I wonder if anyone has tried to duplicate this place. It was great food, and honor system for payment. I loved the cornbread cakes that you roll-up and eat. Southern food at its best. People from all walks of life would eat there. The stools around the wall were always crowded and I loved the pictures.
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